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Table 1 Descriptive statistics of the study variables, Israeli social survey for 2016

From: Socio-economic status, self-rated health and mental health: the mediation effect of social participation on early-late midlife and older adults

 N%/ Mean (SD)
 Age group
  65 and above134027.6
  Male (=1)228047.0
 Marital status
 Children aged 0–17 in the household (=1)213544.0
 Immigrant (=1)91418.9
 Arab (=1)87618.1
 Employed (=1)300462.0
 Average income per capita in the household
 Home ownership (=1)375177.4
Social participation
 Satisfaction with family relationships (1 = very satisfied or satisfied)460695.0
 Frequency of meeting/speaking with friends (0–4)
  No friends4799.9
  Less than once a month1252.6
  Once or twice a month52110.8
  Once or twice a week181537.6
  Daily, or almost daily188939.1
 Self-perceived-support (yes = 1)437191.3
 Self-perceived-trust (yes = 1)192541.2
 Volunteering (=1)95119.6
 Public/political involvement (=1)63713.1
 ICT use scale (0–10)48386.11 (4.11)