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Table 1 Socio-demographic characteristics of the study sample

From: Low intake of iodized salt and iodine containing supplements among pregnant women with apparently insufficient iodine status - time to change policy?

Total n = 105
Maternal age (years)9510031 ± 531
 Up to 251514  
 Over 351918  
Gestational age at study entry, weeks9510031 ± 732
 First trimester44  
 Second trimester1920  
 Third trimester7276  
Smoking status105NA  
 Smoked before pregnancy3434  
 Smoking at study entry1817  
 No smoking6666  
 Graduated college4846  
Country of birth105100NANA
Number of children1001001.58 ± 1.571
 Two or more4545  
Preconception BMI, kg/m26310025 ± 624
 Underweight (less than 18.5)46  
 Normal weight (18.5–24.9)3149  
 Overweight (24.9–29.9)2032  
 Obese (30–34.9)58  
 Extremely obese (35 and higher)35  
  1. NA not available, BMI body mass index