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Table 3 Case attributes by region (N = 332)

From: Evaluation of performance-enhancing drugs seized by Israeli enforcement agencies 2012–2017: implications for policy and regulatory change

ZoneVariableEast Asia*West AsiaaEastern EuropebWestern EuropecAmericas and Oceaniaddfχ2Sig.
N%N%N%N%N%  Sig.
Gender           425.12 
 Male7795.16295.412377.820100.08100  <.0005
Year           20124.40 
 20121417.311.521.3735.000.0  <.0005
Place of Seizure           12163.64 
 Land and Air ports of entry2632.14163.1138.300.000.0  <.0005
 Mail and Packages processing centers5163.069.214491.21785.08100.0   
 Private premises33.71218.510.6315.000.0   
 Public or commercial properties11.   
Type of substance              
 Adrenergic and sympathomimetic agents44.911.5113.351.500.0   
 Anabolic Steroids6985.24975.413384.21365.0562.5   
 Diuretics, Sodium and potassium supplements00. 
 Hormones, Growth hormones, and hormone releasing agents78.6710.853.215.000.0  <.0005
 Post-cycle and adverse effects treatment agents00.069.295.715.000.0   
 Site enhancing oils11.   
  1. “*” = aEast Asia: Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Thailand
  2. bWest Asia: Israel, Jordan, Turkey
  3. cEast Europe
  4. dWest Europe
  5. eAmericas and Oceania: