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Table 6 Survey instrument – Clary and Snyder’s volunteer functions inventory

From: Motivation of emergency medical services volunteers: a study of organized Good Samaritans

1. Volunteering can help me to get my foot in the door at a place where I would like to work.
2. My friends volunteer.
3. I am concerned about those less fortunate than myself.
4. People I’m close to want me to volunteer.
5. Volunteering makes me feel important.
6. People I know share an interest in community service.
7. No matter how bad I’ve been feeling, volunteering helps me to forget about it.
8. I am genuinely concerned about the particular group I am serving.
9. By volunteering I feel less lonely.
10. I can make new contacts that might help my business or career.
11. Doing volunteer work relieves me of some of the guilt over being more fortunate than others.
12. I can learn more about the cause for which I am working.
13. Volunteering increases my self-esteem.
14. Volunteering allows me to gain a new perspective on things.
15. Volunteering allows me to explore different career options.
16. I feel compassion toward people in need.
17. Others with whom I am close place a high value on community service
18. Volunteering lets me learn things through direct, hands-on experience.
19. I feel it is important to help others.
20. Volunteering helps me work through my own personal problems.
21. Volunteering will help me to succeed in my chosen profession.
22. I can do something for a cause that is important to me.
23. Volunteering is an important activity to the people I know best.
24. Volunteering is a good escape from my own troubles.
25. I can learn how to deal with a variety of people.
26. Volunteering makes me feel needed.
27: Volunteering makes me feel better about myself.
28. Volunteering experience will look good on my resume
29. Volunteering is a way to make new friends
30. I can explore my own strengths.