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Table 4 Multivariate ordinal logistic regressiona for the association between ethnicity and satisfaction from primary care physicians and health care system in Israel

From: Patient satisfaction with primary care physician performance in a multicultural population

 AOR (95% CI)a
General satisfactionb
 Very satisfied0.63 (0.40–0.98)0.040
 Satisfied0.82 (0.48–1.39)0.467
 Satisfied on average levelRef 
 Not satisfied0.67 (0.31–1.50)0.338
Technical skillsb
 Very satisfied0.97 (0.64–1.48)0.892
 Satisfied1.10 (0.73–1.66)0.640
 Satisfied on average levelRef 
 Not satisfied1.28 (0.17–9.77)0.808
Communication skillsb
 Very satisfied0.34 (0.17–0.66)0.001
 Satisfied0.50 (0.25–1.02)0.059
 Satisfied on average levelRef 
 Not satisfied2.12 (0.14–31.3)0.605
Interpersonal mannersb
 Very satisfied0.32 (0.21–0.51)< 0.001
 Satisfied1.00 (0.64–1.55)0.998
 Satisfied on average levelRef 
 Not satisfied0.76 (0.23–2.48)0.647
Time spent with doctorb
 Very satisfied0.56 (0.39–0.79)0.001
 Satisfied0.71 (0.47–1.05)0.089
 Satisfied on average levelRef 
 Not satisfied0.81 (0.43–1.52)0.508
Accessibility and convenienceb
 Very satisfied1.27 (0.85–1.88)0.244
 Satisfied0.87 (0.59–1.29)0.497
 Satisfied on average levelRef 
 Not satisfied0.39 (0.13–1.21)0.101
  1. Notesa:AOR (95%CI): Adjusted Odds ratio, 95%Confidence Interval. The model is adjusted for: age (years), BMI (kg/m2), education (less than high school, high school, and higher education), HMO, smoking status (current smoker, former smoker or no), having a permanent doctor, place of residence self-reported health status.bThe range of the categories of satisfaction level: Not satisfied (range: 0–2.00), on average satisfied (range: 2.01–3.00), satisfied (range: 3.01–4.00), very satisfied (range: 4.01–5.00)