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Table 2 Demographic and clinical characteristics and resource use during hospitalization of elderly bedridden patients with dementia

From: Elderly bedridden patients with dementia use over one quarter of resources in internal medicine wards in an Israeli hospital

CharacteristicEBRPD (N = 517)
 65–7442 (8.1%)
 75–84155 (30.0%)
 85+320 (61.9%)
Male sex222 (42.9%)
Hospitalization or emergency department visit in past 6 months273 (52.8%)
Imaging studies, mean (SD)3.7 (4.2)
Urinary catheter newly inserted159 (30.8%)
Nasogastric tube newly inserted108 (20.9%)
Advanced invasive procedures100 (19.3%)
Hospital days with blood test performed, mean (SD)82.1% (23.7%)
Antibiotic treatment414 (80.1%)
Hospital days with antibiotic treatment, mean (SD)a87.7% (23.2%)
Length of hospital stay (days), mean (SD)9.4 (13.8)
  1. a Among patients who received antibiotics