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Table 1 Israel Legislation Progress in the Context of the World Health Organization’s FCTC and MPOWER measures

From: Historic tobacco legislation in Israel: a moment to celebrate

Prior to the 7th Amendment to the law on Restrictions on Advertising and Marketing of Tobacco ProductsFollowing the Dec. 31, 2018 passage of the Ban on Advertising and Restrictions on Marketing of Tobacco and Smoking ProductsFramework Convention of Tobacco Control ArticlesMPOWER Scorea
Addressed only tobacco products (combustible, smokeless and heated)Includes both tobacco products (combustible, smokeless, and heated) and any smoking and/or vaping productsNANA
Specified restrictions on advertisementComplete ban on advertisementArticle 13.4.e:MPOWERa - Enforce bans on advertising, promotion and sponsorship
Except:Undertake a comprehensive ban or, in the case of a Party that is not in a position to undertake a comprehensive ban due to its constitution or constitutional principles, restrict tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship on radio, television, print media and, as appropriate, other media, such as the internet …
1. Newspapersb
2. Specialised tobacco and/or alcohol shopsThe new legislation did not improve MPOWER score compared to the previous legislation:
3. Art objects
4. Direct written mailing to over 21 years old, with pre-authorization
Score 3: Ban on national TV, radio and print media as well as some (but not all) other forms of direct and/or indirect advertising
Ban on using human or animal figures, including cartoons, to market tobacco productsExpanding the ban to include also the use of fruit or any kind of plant figure (refers to allowed ads only and packaging)Article 13.4.a:
Prohibit all forms of tobacco advertising, promotion and sponsorship that promote a tobacco product by any means that are false, misleading or deceptive or likely to create an erroneous impression about its characteristics, health effects, hazards or emissions;
General unspecified restriction on using indirect advertisement for tobacco products1.Specifies that no use can be made of tobacco/smoking products brand name/nickname/symbols and/or resemblance of these to promote other productsArticle 16.1.c:
Prohibiting the manufacture and sale of sweets, snacks, toys or any other objects in the form of tobacco products which appeal to minors
2. Ban on sales of any candy or toys that resemble cigarettes
Warning area on package 30% for tobacco products, includes rotating print warnings1. For tobacco products – warning area increased to 65% of package, continues to include rotating print warningsArticle 11:MPOWER - Warning labels on tobacco packaging
Packaging and labelling of tobacco products
Article 13.4.b:
2. For vaping products – warning area 30%, warning, will read “this product is highly addictive and harmful to your health”
Require that health or other appropriate warnings or messages accompany all tobacco advertising and, as appropriate, promotion and sponsorshipThe new legislation improved the MPOWER score from 3 to 4
3. For smoking products (without tobacco, such as herbal) - warning area 30%, warning, will read “smoking causes morbidity and premature death”
Score 4: Medium size warnings with all appropriate characteristics OR Large warnings missing some appropriate characteristics
Does not include any restrictions on point-of-sale placementAll products will not be visible to the consumersArticle 16.1.b:NA - Additional measures not included in the MPOWER
Except:Banning the sale of tobacco products in any manner by which they are directly accessible, such as store shelves
1. Specialised tobacco and/or alcohol shops (as long as not visible from outside the store)
2. Duty-free shops (as long as will not be visible from the outside or from other parts of the shop)
3. Dedicated online shops (allowed to only include specific details of the product without pictures)
Did not include any regulation on contents of productsRestricts the nicotine content in vaping products to 20 mg/ml maximumArticle 9
Regulation of the contents of tobacco products
Did not include any reference to vaping productsVaping products must be sold in child-proof packagingNA
Restricting sales to underage minors (< 18 years old) of tobacco productsExtending this restriction to include also all vaping products and any herbal smoking productsArticle 16.1:
Each Party shall adopt and implement effective legislative … .to prohibit the sales of tobacco products to persons under the age …
Did not include plain packagingAll tobacco/smoking/vaping products will use plain packaging utilizing the colour Pantone 448 C (except cigars and pipe tobacco)Article 11:
Packaging and labelling of tobacco products
Did not include package insertsAll tobacco/smoking/vaping products will include a package insert with information on the harms of using these products and referral pathways to cessation supportArticle 13.4.b:
Require that health or other appropriate warnings or messages accompany all tobacco advertising and, as appropriate, promotion and sponsorship
Did not include details regarding product content, emission or toxicological dataRequires all manufacturers/importers to disclose once a year all information regarding the content of their products, levels of emissions, and any toxicological dataArticle 10:
Regulation of tobacco product disclosures
  1. *Note change in the name of the bill
  2. aMPOWER score according to the WHO Technical note 1: Evaluation of existing policies and compliance, range from 0 to 4
  3. bNewspapers were exempt from the complete advertisement ban, but the legislation does include a few expansions to previous restrictions: 1) For each ad, a counter ad by the MOH will be published in the same newspaper; 2) Only one ad per each printed edition; 3) Warning area extended from 5 to 30% of the ad