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Table 1 Articles reviewed on TB control policy among migrants in relation to the selected countries

From: Tuberculosis treatment outcomes of non-citizen migrants: Israel compared to other high-income countries

AuthorsYear of publicationStudy designReceiving countryReference
Alvarez GG. et al2011Descriptive study of immigration TB screening programsEU/EEA & Non-EU/EEA[16]
Chemtob D. et al2003Policy and Record reviewIsrael[3]
Chemtob D. et al2003Retrospective cohort analysis and InterviewIsrael[4]
Chemtob D. et al2015Retrospective analysis and records reviewIsrael[17]
Correa-Velez I. et al2005Policy reviewAustralia[18]
Dara M. et al2012Systematic reviewEU/EEA & Non-EU/EEA[11]
Dara M. et al2016Cross-sectional studyEU/EEA[12]
Dara M. et al2017Non-systematic literature reviewEU/EEA & Non-EU/EEA[19]
Eziefula AC. et al2014Retrospective records reviewUK[20]
Hodge JG. et al2009Policy reviewUSA[21]
Kik SV. et al2009A cross-sectional surveyThe Netherlands[22]
Kronfol NM. et al2013Retrospective records reviewEU/EEA & Non-EU/EEA[1]
Kunst H. et al2017Systematic reviewEU[13]
La’Marcus TW. et al2015Retrospective records review and Cost-effectivenessUSA[23]
Lönnroth K. et al2015A narrative review of WHO policy documents and guidelines, as well as published literatureEU/EEA & Non-EU/EEA[2]
Lönnroth K. et al2017A narrative literature review and secondary data analysesEU/EEA & Non-EU/EEA[24]
Odone A. et al2014Comprehensive literature reviewEU/EEA[25]
van den Bosch C. et al2000Retrospective records reviewUK[26]