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Table 4 Interaction between ownership of supplementary health insurance and ethnicity, and their effect on the possibility of having any out-of-pocket expenditure for dental care (2014 survey)

From: Factors associated with disparities in out-of-pocket expenditure on dental care: results from two cross-sectional national surveys

 Ownership of a supplementary health insuranceOR (95% CI) for with supplementary insurance (vs without) stratified by ethnicity
EthnicityNo (N = 1305)Yes (N = 6978)
OR (95% CI)OR (95% CI)
Jewish (N = 6853)1.0 Reference category1.10 (0.87–1.41) 
Arab (N = 1103)2.40 (1.62–3.58)1.34 (0.94–1.89)0.56 (0.39–0.80)
OR (95% CI) for Arab(vsJewish)stratified by ownership of supplementary insurance 1.21 (0.88–1.67) 
  1. OR odds-ratio, CI confidence interval
  2. Notes: Weighted model, adjusted for sex, marital status, religiosity level, years of education, income deciles, peripherality index, ownership of an apartment, ownership of a car, and the age composition of the household; Supplementary insurance includes supplemental insurance of the health plans, private commercial health insurance, private dental insurance, long-term care insurance and other private health insurance; Values are presented after Bonferroni correction for multiple-comparisons