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Table 6 Interaction between education and ownership of supplemental health insurance, and their effect on the level of out-of-pocket expenditure for dental care (2018 survey)

From: Factors associated with disparities in out-of-pocket expenditure on dental care: results from two cross-sectional national surveys

 Ownership of a supplementary health insurance among those with an expenseLog coefficient (SE) for with supplementary insurance (vs without) stratified by education years
Years of educationNo (N = 352)Yes (N = 2349)
Log coefficient (SE)Log coefficient (SE)
0–8 (N = 96)1.0 Reference category1.11 (0.32)* 
9–12 (N = 718)0.61 (0.28) 0.24 (0.16)
13–15 (N = 539)0.94 (0.32)* −0.18 (0.23)
16+ (N = 1348)0.58 (0.35) 0.06 (0.23)
Log coefficient (SE) for 9–12(vs0–8)stratified by ownership of supplementary insurance −0.27 (0.24) 
Log coefficient (SE) for 13–15(vs0–8)stratified by ownership of supplementary insurance −0.36 (0.24) 
Log coefficient (SE) for 16+(vs0–8)stratified by ownership of supplementary insurance −0.48 (0.24) 
  1. SE standard error
  2. *P < 0.05 after Bonferroni correction for multiple-comparisons
  3. Notes: Weighted model, adjusted for sex, marital status, religiosity level, ethnicity, income deciles, peripherality index, ownership of an apartment, ownership of a car, and the age composition of the household; Supplementary insurance includes supplemental insurance of the health plans, private commercial health insurance, private dental insurance, long-term care insurance and other private health insurance