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Table 3 Algorithm’s input - factors influencing patients’ length-of-stay

From: Addressing overcrowding in an emergency department: an approach for identifying and treating influential factors and a real-life application

Factor Source   Potential reduction (minutes) Steps required to address the factor Responsible Cost
1 Escorts per patient Ep 55 Adding a security guard Management 100
2 Heart Rate (BPM)a HR 30 Calm anxious patients Physicians / nurses 20
3 Escorts in acute section Ea 6 Only 1 escort per patient Nurses 30
4 Patients in ambulatory section Pa 5 Increase treatment speed Management 500
5 Hour of arrival Ha 6 Impossible to control Management Infinity
6 Tests needed Tni 80 Avoid unnecessary tests Nurses 30
  1. aNote: We assume that the average patient’s heart rate can be reduced by 10 BPM