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Table 1 Comparison between Spain and Israel

From: From public vs. private to public/private mix in healthcare: lessons from the Israeli and the Spanish cases

Economic development: GDP per capita (2019)a41,758$41,678$
Human development index (2019)b0.8930.906
Health expenditure as percent of GDP (2018)a8.86%7.46%
Government/compulsory schemes as percent of all health expenditure (2018)a70.47%63.78%
Character of the stateCentral state with devolution of power and responsibilities to regional autonomiesUnitary and centralized state
Parliamentarian and electoral systemsBi-cameral, 52 provincial circumscriptionsUni-cameral, single circumscription
Citizenshipuniversal but challenged by national segregationist movementsethno-national
Characteristics of the welfare systemSimilar Mediterranean regime
Development of the health care systemSimilar move from a Bismarckian, social security health care system, to a universal one, residency based access to health care
Medical professional cultureEuropean and identified with the welfare systemEuropean roots, growing American influence
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