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Table 2 Demographic characteristics of FT patients participating in the study

From: Patient-centered care in Israeli IVF units: divergent perceptions of patients and providers

Demographic characteristics of the 524 participating FT patients
Median age (years, rang) 35 (19–50)
Religion (%)
 Jews/non-Jews 82 / 18
Level of Education (%)
 Low-Medium/High 34 / 66
Religiousnessa (%)
 Secular/Traditional/Religious and ultra-Orthodox 42 / 30 / 28
Marital Status (%)
 Married or living with a spouse/Divorced or single 88/12
Parenting for children (%)
 Mothers/childless women 45/55
Diagnosis given by physicians (%)
 unexplained/Male factor/female factor/both 35/26/28/11
  1. aIn Israel, all Jewish religious definitions refer to Orthodox Judaism. The Religious and ultra-Orthodox category presented here includes both Jewish participants and Muslim participants that defined themselves as religious. Christian participants defined themselves as either secular or traditional