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Table 3 The 10 PCC dimensions and the specific elements that comprise thema

From: Patient-centered care in Israeli IVF units: divergent perceptions of patients and providers

Patient-centered care dimensions Examples of specific elements included in each dimension
Accessibility of providers -Telephonic access of the hospital
-Accessibility of providers for questions
Information and explanation -Receiving written information
-Receiving a scheduled overview of treatment plan
Communication skills of providers -Honesty and clarity on what to expect of the treatments
-Providers talking about patients instead of talking to them
Involvement of patient in treatment -Openness to patient’s opinion and ideas about treatment
-Opportunity to ask questions
Respect for values and needs -Access to patients’ own medical record
-Empathy with patients’ emotions and current situation
Continuity and transition in treatment -Having a lead physician for evaluation and decision-making
-Contradictory policy adhered by different providers
Professional competence -Providers using difficult words without explaining them
-Physician being well prepared for appointments
Care organization -Waiting time between first visit and receiving treatment plan
-Waiting time between two treatments
Physical comfort -Waiting room being comfortable
-Waiting time in consultation waiting room being acceptable
Emotional supportb -Being informed about the psychological impact of treatment
-Given the opportunity to consult a counselor who was familiar with problems connected with treatment
-Receiving information on support group for FT patients
-Partner and or family members provided with an information brochure
  1. aVan Empel and colleagues [28] and Dancet and colleagues [29]
  2. bThe Emotional support dimension specifies here all four elements included in this dimension