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Table 4 Familiarity with referral procedures

From: Neuropsychological assessment in the Israeli healthcare system: a practitioners’ survey

Question N Response frequency
Should the HP pay for NPA? 194 192 (99%)
In your opinion, is the number of HP referrals to NPA sufficient? 192 2 (1%)
Do you know how to refer patients to NPA through the HP? 193 46 (24%)
Have you ever heard of code L9616 or code L9617? 189 62 (33%)
Do you know the difference between these two codes? 188 31 (16%)
Have your clients paid for an NPA that a physician recommended? 185 121 (65%)
How difficult is it for your clients to receive HP funding for NPA? 143 120 (84%)
  1. Note: HP Health Plan, NPA Neuropsychological Assessment. Numbers for all questions, except the last one, reflect the percentage of participants who answered yes relative to the number of participants who answered the relevant question. On the last question, participants rated their response on a Likert scale that ranged from 1 (not at all) to 5 (very much). We present the aggregated percentage of responses 3, 4, and 5 relative to all responses