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Table 2 The questions composing the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory for Adults (STAI-S)

From: Comparison of hospital worker anxiety in COVID-19 treating and non-treating hospitals in the same city during the COVID-19 pandemic

Question Number Question
1 I feel calm
2 I feel secure
3 I am tense
4 I feel strained
5 I feel at ease
6 I feel upset
7 I am presently worried about possible misfortune
8 I feel satisfied
9 I feel frightened
10 I feel comfortable
11 I feel self confident
12 I feel nervous
13 I am jittery
14 I feel indecisive
15 I am relaxed
16 I feel content
17 I am worried
18 I feel confused
19 I feel steady
20 I feel pleasant