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Table 5 Indicators of patient safety over time [60]

From: National initiatives to promote quality of care and patient safety: achievements to date and challenges ahead

Indicator Performance, 2017 Performance, 2019
Patient identification in the ED 79% 80%
Patient identification in the imaging department 83% 86%
Pre-operative data verification 93% 92%
Counting of items during and at conclusion of surgery 95% 85%
Training staff in patient safety 65% 89%
Performing safety round according to MOH methodology 57% 89%
Performing quality improvement projects using PDSA methodology 82% 96%
Performing root-cause analysis of sentinel events using 5 M methodology 96% 100%
  1. Bold print represents substantial improvement in comparison with previous time point (see Methods section)
  2. ED emergency department, MOH Ministry of Health, PDSA Plan-do-study-act