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Table 2 Distribution of responders’ attitudes (the top two options from a 5-point Likert scale) toward COVID-19 outbreak issues in the two rounds

From: Income assurances are a crucial factor in determining public compliance with self-isolation regulations during the COVID-19 outbreak – cohort study in Israel

  % of top options % change
February 2020 (N = 563) March 2020 (N = 511)
To what extent do you follow the news reports about the COVID-19 outbreak? 61.4% 76.5% + 15.1%
To what extent are you worried by the COVID-19 outbreak? 49.9% 66.6% + 16.7%
To what extent do you think the public is reacting in panic to the COVID-19 outbreak? 62.8% 67.3% + 4.5%
To what extent do you think the media is contributing to public concerns over COVID-19? 80.8% 79.8% −1.0%
To what extent do you trust the public health instruction of the Ministry of Health during the COVID-19 outbreak? 52.8% 74.5% + 21.7%
To what extent do you think taking criminal action against individuals violating quarantine decree will increase compliance with MOH instructions? 69.2% 78.7% + 9.5%