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Table 4 Examples of publicly accessible governmental databases with multi-year data on health or health care, by agency responsible

From: Opportunities for diversifying and enriching our article mix

ICDC surveys:
• INHIS - Israel National Health Interview Survey
• KAP - Knowledge Attitudes and Practices Survey
• MABAT – Nutrition Surveys
MOH annual reports on the following:
• Health plan financial statements
• Healthcare workforce
• Hospital utilization statistics
• ED utilization statistics
MOH – Internet BI on the following:
• Patient experience surveys (hospitals – general, psych, rehab, EDs, LTC)
• OECD comparisons – health status, utilization, expenditure, financing, etc.
• Hospital quality (from 2016)
• Health status and service availability by locality
• Patient complaints
Central Bureau of Statistics:
• National health expenditures
• Household expenditure surveys
• Labor force surveys
• Social survey
• Vital statistics (including life expectancy and causes of death)
National Insurance Institute
• Health plan membership reports