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Table 1 Financial savings in six hospitals following a computerized application for notification of meals needed between the inpatient departments, and the food service

From: Improved meals service and reduced food waste and costs in medical institutions resulting from employment of a food service dietitian – a case study

HospitalNumber of EN,PN feedings daily “SAVED”Annual savings in NIS (Shekels)Annual savings (in Dollars)
* exchange rate 3.5NIS = $1)
Hillel Yaffe Medical Center50328,50093,857
Assaf Harofeh Medical Center50328,50093,857
Poriya Medical Center35229,95065,700
Wolfson Medical Center50328,50093,857
Sheba Medical Center60394,200112,628
Tel Aviv Medical Center60394,200112,628
  1. Six out of nine hospitals included in the intervention implemented the computerized application. (EN Enteral Nutrition, PN Parenteral nutrition)