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Table 3 Hospitalizations due to road traffic injuries (ISS 16+): Hospitalization characteristics and in-hospital mortality by ethnic group

From: Inequality in in-hospital mortality due to road traffic accident between ethnic populations in specified groups living in the same country

Variable abTotal (N = 11,523, 100%)Arabs (n = 3372, 29.3%)Jews (n = 8151, 70.7%)p-value
Means of evacuationp < 0.0001
 Ambulance EMS76.168.079.5
 Helicopter EMS7.111.25.5
 Private car/others16.721.814.2
 Transferred from another hospital (yes)16.421.814.2P < 0.0001
Patient arrival time at hospitalP < 0.0001
 Treated in trauma resuscitation unit (yes)72.779.969.8P < 0.0001
 ICU admission (yes) < 0.0001
 Undergoing surgery (yes)46.851.744.8p < 0.0001
 Hospital LOS for 7 days or more (yes)58.558.758.5P = 0.8306
 Hospital LOS for 14 days or more (yes)33.433.533.3P = 0.7708
 CT MRI US X-ray performed in ED (yes)94.394.694.1P = 0.3328
 Hospital type Level I trauma center75.076.074.5P = 0.0818
 Level II trauma center25.024.025.5
 In-hospital mortality (yes) = 0.2427
  1. aAbbreviations: EMS emergency medical service, ICU intensive care unit, LOS length of stay, CT MRI US X-ray-computed tomography scan or magnetic resonance imaging or ultrasound or X-ray examination combined together, ED-emergency department
  2. bThere were no missing data for the variables presented except for transfer from another hospital, hospital arrival time and LOS for 7 days or more, which had missing values for 25 (0.217%), 3 (0.026%) and 2 (0.017%) observations, respectively