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Table 4 Risk of in-hospital mortality due to road traffic injuries (ISS 16+) among Arabs compared with Jews

From: Inequality in in-hospital mortality due to road traffic accident between ethnic populations in specified groups living in the same country

GroupaOR (95% CI)AUROC
Overallb1.63 (1.14–2.32)**0.898
ISS50-75c1.73 (1.09–2.75)**
ISS25–49 c2.10 (1.03–4.27)*
ISS16–24 c1.19 (0.53–2.68)
Ambulance EMS c1.32 (0.87–1.99)
Helicopter EMS c1.33 (0.60–2.95)
“Outside official work hours”c1.68 (1.04–2.73)*
Weekday c1.57 (0.83–3.00)
  1. Abbreviations: ISS injury severity score, EMS emergency medical service, OR odds ratio, CI confidence interval, AUROC area under the receiver operating curve
  2. *p < 0.05, **p < 0.01
  3. aThe model was adjusted for age (continuous), gender, ISS (16–24, 25–49 and 50–75), type of injury (penetrating versus non-penetrating), means of evacuation (ambulance EMS, helicopter EMS and Other), whether patient was transferred from another hospital or directly arrived from scene, time of hospital arrival (“outside official work hours”, weekday), undergoing diagnostic imaging in emergency department: computed tomography scan, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasound or X-ray examination (yes/no), hospital length of stay (< 7 days versus > 7 days), admission to intensive care unit (yes/no), undergoing surgery (yes/no) with random intercept for the treating hospital
  4. bOverall was to describe the entire study population
  5. cWithin the same model, effect estimate of Arabs versus Jews was determined with adjustment for multiplicity using Bonferroni correction