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Table 1 A practical strategic framework for improving quality

From: Improving the quality of care in health systems: towards better strategies

1. SET DIRECTION AND PRIORITIES: Set clear quality priorities with desired outcomes.
2. BRING CLARITY TO QUALITY: Set standards for what high quality care looks like in key areas.
3. MEASURE AND PUBLISH QUALITY: Harness information to improve quality of care through performance and quality reporting systems that provide feedback to providers of care at systemic, institutional or individual levels; and information to users and commissioners of services for accountability and choice.
4. RECOGNISE AND REWARD QUALITY: Recognise and reward improvement in the quality of care and service through financial and non-financial recognition (eg enhanced reputation or prestige).
5. SAFEGUARD QUALITY: Use regulation to improve health care, to guarantee minimum acceptable standards and to reassure the public about quality of care.
6. BUILD CAPABILITY: Improve leadership, management, professional and institutional culture, skills and behaviours to provide quality assurance and improvement.
7. STAY AHEAD: Develop research, innovation and planning to provide progressive, high quality care.
  1. Source: Molloy A, Martin S, Gardner T, Leatherman S. A Clear Road Ahead. The Health Foundation, 2016