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Table 4 Adjusteda odds ratios (OR) for the associations between risk factors and fear of falling

From: Falls and fear of falling among Israeli community-dwelling older people: a cross-sectional national survey

  Fear of falling
Variable OR CI 95%
 Male 1 (Ref)  
 Female 2.87 2.33-3.53
Difficulties in bathing or dressing
 No difficulty 1 (Ref)  
 Little difficulty 2.37 1.70-3.31
 High difficulty/Disabled 3.14 1.94-5.07
Memory and concentration difficulties
 No difficulty 1 (Ref)  
 Little difficulty 1.63 1.31-2.02
 High difficulty/Disabled 2.81 1.51-5.22
Sleep medications (yes) 1.62 1.23-2.13
Use of walking aids (yes) 1.83 1.29-2.58
Diabetes mellitus (yes) 1.32 1.07-1.63
Cardiac disease (yes) 1.65 1.28-2.12
Arthritis (yes) 1.57 1.17-2.12
Falls during the last year (yes) 1.69 1.31-2.18
  1. aVariables that were included in the model but were not statistically significant: population group, age, education, number of medications, mood medications, impaired vision, hearing problems, physical activity and Parkinson’s disease