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Table 1 Examples of Selected Questions in the Knowledge Survey

From: Failure of Israeli pediatric residency curricula to cover child development and special education issues: results of a national survey on levels of knowledge

• Developmental milestones
 o What is the average age for a child to crawl?
 o How many words should an 18-month-old be able to say?
 o What is the average age when a child should be able to exhibit ‘functional play’?
• Global developmental delay (GDD)
 o What is the definition of GDD?
 o What comprises the basic evaluation of every child presenting with GDD?
 o How is the developmental quotient (DQ) calculated?
• Autism spectrum disorder (ASD)
 o What are the two criteria that must exist to establish the diagnosis of ASD?
 o What determines the severity of ASD?
 o Is it possible to diagnose an individual with both ASD and intellectual disability (ID)?
• Attention deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD)
 o What are the three primary types of ADHD?
 o What is the initial recommended treatment for preschool ADHD?
 o What is the first-line pharmacologic treatment for individuals above the age of 6 years who have been diagnosed with ADHD?
• Referral to a Child Development Institute
 o Which developmental screening tests are you familiar with?
 o Where should we refer a child with behavioral/disciplinary problems?
 o What are the age and weight cutoffs for referring preterm babies to a child development institute?
• The special education systems
 o Which types of special education systems are you familiar with?
 o Which special education system would be suitable for a child with GDD?
 o When a “placement committee” decides to place a child in a special education system, must his legal guardians comply or can they choose to ignore the committee’s decision?
• Medical Conditions Associated with Developmental Disorders
 o Name three syndromes caused by a chromosomal abnormality for which developmental disability is part of the presentation?
 o Which intrauterine infection can lead to a developmental disability?
 o What is the most common genetic syndrome leading to ID in males?
  1. ADHD- Attention deficit hyperactive disorder; ASD- Autism spectrum disorder; DQ- Developmental quotient; GDD- Global developmental delay; ID- intellectual disability