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Erratum to: Characteristics of the elderly who do not visit primary care physicians

  • Nira Eshel1Email author,
  • Raanan Raz2,
  • Gabriel Chodick2,
  • Varda Shalev2 and
  • Michal Guindy3
Israel Journal of Health Policy Research20132:46

Received: 5 December 2013

Accepted: 6 December 2013

Published: 11 December 2013

The original article was published in Israel Journal of Health Policy Research 2013 2:7


While compiling the article describing Characteristics of the elderly who do not visit primary care physicians[1], one of the authors was inadvertently omitted from the author list. This author, Varda Shalev, has been included in the corrected author list above.

Authors’ information

Nira Eshel, MD, is a family physician in Maccabi Healthcare Services, Jerusalem, Israel. Raanan Raz, PhD, is currently a research fellow at Harvard School of Public Health Department of Environmental Health. In the past he served as a researcher in the Medical Informatics Department, Maccabi Healthcare Services, and in the Child Development Center at Sheba Medical Center. Gabriel Chodick, PhD, is Unit Head, Epidemiology and Database Research, Maccabi Healthcare Services. He is a senior lecturer at the School of Public Health in Tel Aviv University. Dr. Chodick has an adjunct position at the Division of Cancer Epidemiology & Genetics at the NIH. Varda Shalev MD is the director of Primary Care Division of Maccabi Health Care Services and teaches Medical Informatics at Tel Aviv University,Israel, Michal Guindy, MD, is medical director of Central District, Maccabi Healthcare Services, and serves as the head of the patient safety program in Tel Aviv University, Israel.



Authors’ Affiliations

Maccabi Healthcare Services, Department of Family Medicine, Hadassah Haktana Clinic
Medical Informatics Department, Maccabi Healthcare Services
Maccabi Healthcare Services


  1. Eshel N, Raz R, Chodick G: Guindy M Characteristics of the elderly who do not visit primary care physicians. Isr J Health Policy Res. 2013, 2: 7-10.1186/2045-4015-2-7.PubMed CentralView ArticlePubMedGoogle Scholar


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